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  • Intro

    For many millennia they lived among the stars searching for new terrestrial planets. Visiting one planet after another, they study each new life-form and perform secret experiments upon them.

    They are already hiding among us. Alien masters of disguise plotting their next move. They are known as...

    The Probe Masters

    Probe Masters is a pixel art collection of disguised aliens lurking on the Ethereum blockchain. Each alien has its own unique disguise, some more clever than others, but they all have one thing in common...

    They came to probe!

  • Artwork

    The artwork is created by:

    Alien Dude


    Highly passionate about web3, pixel art, and video games. Building to launch the Probe Masters indie game.

  • FAQ

    A list of frequently asked questions:

      • The Probe Masters smart contract can be viewed on etherscan:

      • Minting will open on Saturday, March 11, 2023 @ 12pm EST.

      • Mint price is 0.0051Ξ

      • Each wallet can mint up to 3 NFTs.

      • There are 551 Probe Masters in the genesis collection.

      • This is a PFP project that aims to bring future utility through a multiplayer indie game. The primary goal is to build an ecosystem of Probe Masters (including future generations) to be integrated into the game and used as dynamic NFTs.

      • There is no official whitepaper at this time. A proper Whitepaper will be finalized once all limitations are identified.